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Take a journey back into the past with our fascinating series of historical maps. These superb reproductions peel away successive layers of change and development and help you explore how your area has altered over the past couple of centuries. Because they have been enlarged to match the scale and grid of the present-day Ordnance Survey Landranger®, every detail can easily be contrasted with the landscape of today.
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Old Series 88 - Newcastle upon Tyne   1862 - 1867
Cassini code: UKP-OS1-088ISBN: 978-1-84736-022-9
Revised New Series 88 - Newcastle upon Tyne   1901-1904
Cassini code: UKP-RNC-088ISBN: 978-1-84736-372-5
Popular Edition 88 - Newcastle upon Tyne   1925
Cassini code: UKP-POP-088ISBN: 978-1-84736-213-1
Landscape History of Newcastle upon Tyne (088)   
Cassini code: LH3-088ISBN: 978-1-84736-828-7

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