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Large (80cm x 80cm) Ordnance Survey Historical maps

• Choose from up to Six Ordnance Survey Historical Map Series of the UK* spanning 200 years.
• Pick a map scale to show the detail you want – area view, street view and house view.
• Choose the map centre by postcode or place-name.
• Have your map folded and delivered to any address or have it rolled and sent to you in a tube.
* Note: maps of Scotland are only available in the following series: Old Series and Revised New Series.
County Series
Date range:1880 -1890 Scale:1:2,500

County Series
Date range:1880 -1910 Scale:1:10,000

Old Series Edition
Date range:1805 -1874 Scale:1:50,000

Revised New Series
Date range:1896 -1904 Scale:1:50,000

Popular Edition
Date range:1919 -1926 Scale:1:50,000

New Popular Edition
Date range:1945 -1948 Scale:1:50,000

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