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Ordnance Survey Old Series, 1805 - 1869
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Enter a postcode* to find your own framed historical map centred on the location of your choice. Provided printed, mounted, framed and glazed – the perfect adornment to your home.
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Key features:
A historical map centred on any GB code you specify
Frame size 21.5” x 18” (55cm x 46cm) approx
Mapping area 14” x 9.5” (36cm x 24cm) approx
Each map covers an area of 9 x 6 miles (14.25 x 9.5 km) approx
Scale 1:40,000 (enlarged from original 1” to the mile)
Supplied in a pale ivory mount and teak-stained frame with gold trim and acrylic glass
The first publication date/s of each map will be confirmed on the map itself as this varies from area to area (range is 1805 to 1869).
Each of these maps will be personalised for you, centred on the postcode you specify.

These maps will reveal the 19th-century history of your part of the country in all its fascinating splendour...
* Please Note; the maps are not available for Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands or the Isle of Man (any postcodes starting with BT, GY, JE or IM).
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The Old Series maps first published between 1805 and 1869.
These maps were the result of the first ever national survey of England & Wales. From the late 1790s a small army of surveyors covered every corner of the what was still an almost entirely rural country. Their work provided a stunning portrait of the landscape.

When the original maps were created much of the centuries-old fabric of the country was still intact. As a result, they show hamlets, farms, mills woods and numerous other features that have long since been buried under tarmac or concrete. Most aspects of the landscape would have been unchanged for centuries, reminders of ancient patterns of settlement dating back to Saxon times. These fascinating and decorative maps of your area are now available as personalised framed and mounted maps – an elegant reminder of your part of the country as it was in the days of the canal and the horse and cart.

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